With the help of our worldwide partners we are providing specialized services in Logistics solutions to our satisfied customers


Abhinav Trans Cargo offers Rail Freight Forwarding services including conventional transportation in covered/open wagons and containerized rail transport in assosiation with Indian railways.


End to End Multimodal Transportation

Providing cost effectiveness and flexibility, we deliver optimized Multimodal Transportation solutions by combining transportation modes across road, rail and air. These modes include conventional as well as containerized railway options.

Operating in association with Indian Railways, these services include aggregation of loads from multiple customers. Movement of bulk volumes is enabled in a much easier manner while participation in railways incentive schemes and bulk discount arrangements lead to cost advantages.



Abhinav Trans Cargo is one of India's foremost end to end Transport and Logistics Companies, performing diligently with an expertise evolved over nearly two decades. The philosophy driving our efforts is a commitment to fulfill the logistics requirements of our customers, which differentiates us in an emphatic manner.We have 70+ branches across India.

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